Infiniti is dedicated to creating communities that are attractive and convenient, and enhance the natural beauty of the region. It's another advantage of working with a builder who knows the area well enough to select the most desirable locations. Infiniti believes the entrance to a neighborhood should make a statement. And the ways the homes are placed on the lots is important to the streetscape. The design of the facades and the materials Infiniti employ enhance the overall appearance of the community.

You put a lot into your home – time, money, emotion. It's more than an address; it's an extension of yourself, a reflection of what's important to you and your family. That's why Infiniti takes the time to listen to each clients needs and
make their home their own.


Infiniti designs each home site to optimize views and topography and complement the natural surrounding landscape. Stunningly wooded backdrops, natural ponds and scenic hillside farms - Infiniti homeowners enjoy a beautiful tranquil environment while living in well-established communities.

With Infiniti, you are never just a lot number or a floor plan. You're on a first-name basis with the owner of the company and an active part of the team that includes the builder and the designers. Through the home building process, your input is not only welcomed – it's what makes the project exciting and, ultimately, what makes your home uniquely your own.

The entire Infiniti team is dedicated to providing superior service, the highest quality workmanship and materials and the highest level of professionalism in the home-building sector.


Infiniti Builders recognizes we all have a responsibility to provide better health and conserve natural resources for future generations. Infiniti is a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a NAHB Certified Green Professional™.

Infiniti incorporates green building principles — while maintaining a cost-effective approach of construction and materials.

Infiniti offers a variety of green building options starting wtih ENERGY STAR standards up to the most advanced energy-efficient and self-sufficient building practices. Learn more about green building at:

Building Green

Green Building

ENERGY STAR Qualified Products





An unwavering dedication to customer service has defined Infiniti Builders. Every home branded with the Infiniti name reflects a promise delivered that each home is expertly built.

Infiniti is committed to making the building experience enjoyable while delivering the quality unique custom and semi-custom homes deserve. From start to finish, Infiniti combines uncompromising craftsmanship with attention to every detail - spacious interiors, luxurious master suites, distinctive features and expert workmanship from the inside out.

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